GeoscientistPostdoctoral Researcher

I am a geochemist, geologist, geochronologist, and 'paleo'-hydrogeologist! I use field, laboratory, and modelling approaches to understand subsurface fluids - past (paleo fluid flow, ore deposits, etc), present (groundwater), and future (carbon storage) - and how these fluids interact with rocks.

Research Interests:


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:

I am a big advocate for and committed to promoting and empowering women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC identities in science through community outreach, mentorship, curriculum development, and inclusive teaching. 

I have recently founded the Greater Boston Association for Women Geoscientists Chapter. If you are located in the Greater Boston region, please reach out to get involved! 

A bit more about me:

I grew up in the north west of England, in a small city called Preston. Since I was little, I went camping frequently with my Dad to places like the Lake District and fell in love with the outdoors. Both my parents were scientists (my mum was a doctor, and my dad was a chemist and worked in a nuclear power plant), and my older siblings were setting an example of travelling all over the world. When I discovered that Geology could fulfil my desire to travel, my interest in science, and my love for the outdoors - I couldn't imagine doing anything else!

After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, I backpacked around South America before moving to Switzerland for my masters. There, I met my husband and took a gap year after my masters to travel around South Africa and eastern Europe before starting my PhD. Since moving to the states, I have enjoyed visiting as many states and national parks as I can! 

During the pandemic, I spontaneously purchased a road bike and starting using the outdoor swimming pool at the University of Arizona. Little did I know that this would ignite a new passion for triathlons! I completed my first Olympic triathlon (the MountainMan) in Flagstaff in 2022 and recently completed the Olympic Boston Tri in 2023. When I'm not so pregnant, you may see me swimming in Walden Pond or cycling around Lincoln in MA at the weekends :-) 

Some pictures from my travels over the years...